HeadachesNine out of ten Americans suffer from headaches. Nerve irritation is the leading cause of reoccurring headaches. Most Americans have become accustomed to stocking their homes with over-the-counter pain medications. While these can sometimes relieve the pain on temporary basis, they do nothing to cure the underlying problems causing the headaches to begin with.

Can you make the headaches stop?

Tension headaches and headaches from the neck
are often a result of inhibited nerve function. At
HeathSource of Indianapolis our Doctors are
experts at the necessary spinal adjustments
needed to relieve pressure off the nervous system.
This restoration of the nervous system will both
restore full movement, function, and remove the
pain. We seek to treat the cause of the pain, so
that you will no longer need to take pain medication. Pain meds

Isn't it normal?

Because headaches are so common, many people
believe that they are just a part of normal life. In
reality, headaches are the body's way of telling
us that something is wrong. Whether it is due to
stress, lifestyle choices, injury, or a serious
medical condition, many people will use
medications to cover up the symptom.

The medications will remove the pain, but not the
cause of the pain. Your body will continue to tell
you there is a problem, leading to more medication
in your future. This is actually an unhealthy and
unnatural cycle. It only seems "normal" to us
because in our culture so many people have
something from the pharmacy in their cabinets.

We can treat you.

At HealthSource of Indianapolis, we will do our
best to determine if your condition is one that we
can treat. We believe that removing the cause
of the pain itself will lead to a higher quality of life
in the long run.