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Public Speaking Lunch and Learns

Public SpeakingDr. Fortunato dedicates time each month as a speaker, free of charge, to
various groups in the Indianapolis community. These lunchtime learning
sessions are offered to businesses, charities, churches, and community

While there are many speakers in and around Indianapolis, not many
have the vantage point of over 25 years of experience and active practice.
Dr. Fortunato draws upon this long history of patient interaction,
incorporating educational techniques honed over the years.



This speech focuses on the advantages of good nutrition, and the
disadvantages of poor nutrition. It gives some helpful hints, as well
as listing some do's and don'ts. It addresses some specific conditions
as well as vitamins and supplements.

Health and Exercise:

Health and FitnessThis speech focuses on what health is and how to make the most
of exercise. Specific warm up techniques and stretching exercises
are discussed. How to avoid injury during your workout is also

Stress Reduction:

This speech focuses on the inherent dangers of stress and how to
remove or lessen the burden. It lists specific known and proven ways
of reducing stress.

Athletic PerformanceImproving Athletic Performance:

This speech explains how Chiropractic care is used in sports
medicine. Top athletes personally attest the importance and
benefits received from the chiropractors. It describes testing,
treatments, and results of care in improving performance. The
same care used for top athletes can be attained by the public.


This speech focuses on how to provide natural relief for
fibromyalgia. It discusses ways of reducing the effects of
fibromyalgia without the use of prescription drugs or invasive
procedures. Raising a Healthy Child

Raising a Healthy Child:

This speech focuses on the mental, physical, and social
well being of a developing child. It address some misconceptions
as well as pointing to key indicators of good health. It builds on
4 key cornerstones that are actionable and easy to implement.

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Here at HealthSource of Indianapolis we believe in the education
and support of the local community. If your organization is looking
for a speaker on a health related topic, feel free to contact us.
With proper notice, we can customize a presentation to address
a specific requested topic.

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