lower back pain

When treating lower back pain with acupuncture, needles
are placed both at the area of pain (local) and away from
the area of pain (distal). acupuncture backTreatment is not necessarily
limited to the back. Acute back pain relief can be used in
conjunction with physical therapy, chiropractic care, and
other back pain treatments. Side effects are virtually

Chronic Back Pain

A recent study published in Archives of Internal Medicine
found that six months of acupuncture treatment is more
effective at treating lower back pain than traditional forms
of medicines like medications, exercise, and physical
therapy. Chronic back pain is the most listed reason for
missing work. Eighty percent of Americans will experience
back pain at some point in their lives.acupuncture back pain

The University of Maryland Center for Integrative
Medicine found that acupuncture has a clear relieving
effect for pain. Twenty-two studies for lower back pain
were reviewed by the researchers. They found that
acupuncture was effective in both the short term (less
than 3 months) and the long term.