Depression and Anxiety

Acupuncture can be an effective tool to treat depression. It can Depression
be be used as the sole treatment in moderate cases, or in
conjunction with psychotherapy for more severe cases. Acupuncture
stimulates both dopamine and serotonin. Recent studies show it to
be 50% more effective than anti-depressants for mild and moderate


Studies at the Clinical Research Program at Massachusetts General Depression
Hospital (Boston) show that acupuncture has an anti-depressant
effect by reducing the atrophy of brain cells. In the study,
electro-acupuncture was used to prevent atrophy of glial cells in
the hippocampus.

Stanford researchers have found that women given acupuncture
during pregnancy displayed significantly fewer depressive symptoms.
Other groups have found that menopausal women on tamoxifen
had a significant reduction of anxiety and depressive symptoms.